What is involved?

With the spread of Internet a new way of conducting psychotherapy and psychological counselling has emerged: making use of this and other technological means of communication (Skype, FaceTime, video chatting on Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber, etc.), it is a form of psychological counselling known as ‘Internet Based Therapy’.

Depending on the situations, the user’s needs and the clinical aims of the therapeutic process, a decision will be made whether to proceed with totally online sessions or whether to plan, when possible, a number of face-to-face meetings.

The length of the online meetings is the same as that of the face-to-face sessions: about 50 minutes.

Online counselling, like meetings in the office, is a health care service, so it needs to be invoiced at the end of the month and is tax deductible.


Is it safe? Are there any risks?

To all intents and purposes, online psychological counselling is a professional service, intended to safeguard the patient’s privacy, while fully respecting:

–       the Linee guida per le prestazioni psicologiche via Internet e a distanza (Guidelines for Online Psychological Services), drawn up by the Consiglio Nazionale Ordine degli Psicologi / National Council of Psychologists’ Association (CNOP);

–       the Codice Deontologico degli psicologi italiani (Code of Ethics of Italian  Psychologists).


Is it as effective as counselling conducted face-to-face in the office?

In the last few years a great deal of research has been carried out into the provision of online psychotherapy and it has been compared to face-to-face counselling in numerous studies that have shown it to be as effective as traditional sessions.

Here are some of the results:


What advantages does online psychological counselling offer?

Online psychological counselling allows the professionalism, competence and efficacy of face-to-face psychotherapeutic encounters to be maintained, at the same time increasing the flexibility of the setting.

In particular, the choice of online encounters permits patients to:


How does payment take place?

Payment is very simple: it can be made with PayPal or bank transfer.