Differences between Psychologists/Psychotherapists/ Psychoanalysts/Psychiatrists

There is considerable confusion between the professions beginning with ‘psych’. Here is a simple and clear table intended to explain the main differences in Italy between the professionals who treat psychological problems.


Patients' Rights in Psychotherapy

Rights must be guaranteed for those who have psychotherapeutic treatment, independently of the theoretical orientation of the professional, and formulated according to the psychologists’ and doctors’ code of conduct.


How to choose the right professional for your needs

A brief guide to the often difficult task of searching for and choosing the right professional to solve your problems and doubts…


The Areas of Intervention of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

  • Difficulty with stress management
  • Adolescent problems
  • Difficulties associated with choice
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hypochondria
  • Addiction to alcohol, substances or behavioural patterns (gambling, sex, work, etc.)
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Disorders and problems related to the sexual sphere
  • Major existential events